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About Me.

I am Lori Yingge Yang. My name, 'Yingge,' evokes two places in China: the city of my birth and the village where my ancestors rest. My father always taught me to honor my heritage and remember my roots, no matter how far my journey takes me. As my father wished, my final resting place will be with my kin, and my heart will forever carry the memory of where I come from.


However, those memories can be quite heavy sometimes. So I created a new identity --“Lori”, when I went abroad. 


I chose the English name 'Lori' for myself, inspired by the American TV series 'Boston Legal.' The show's ensemble cast is filled with cunning and ambitious characters, but Lori stood out, an embodiment of both intelligence and kindness. Though she was quickly dismissed.


May my own journey in life be filled with wonder and creativity, and may my work on this platform inspire others to tell their own stories with the same passion and dedication.

I am an experienced documentary filmmaker and journalist.


My works are always about space and community. I like to observe how people in different situations and backgrounds interrupt each other and develop relationships.

I work as a self-shooting director, which means I direct, shoot and edit, manage the whole film project from the begining to the end. I have made seven 10-30 min short documentaries in this way.


I like this way of working, as I can understand the project totally, build real connections with people, and also communicate with the sponsor easily, and save a big amount of budget.

My films have been shown in exhibitions, cinemas, and festivals. I have also been invited to give lectures in film schools.

I also do journalism work for some top media companies in both UK and China, such as CNBC, Youtube Originals, Phoenix TV, Shanghai Media Group, etc.


BA Journalism and Communication at Shanghai University

MA Ethnographic and Documentary Film at University College London

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